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Smoothwall is the leading digital safeguarding solutions provider in UK Education with over 10,000 schools, colleges and multi-academy trusts depending on their technologies to keep students safe and to keep education organisations compliant. Historically Smoothwall sourced their own hardware direct from suppliers in the Far East but whilst this felt cost effective, in truth the process was long and fraught with frustrations.


Smoothwall had faced issues across the board, we listened and understood these frustrations, to list a few: limited support services, limited customisation & branding options, and their lead times were unsatisfactory. 


We began the onboarding process with Smoothwall and told them about our platform service. After a few thorough meetings we commenced a full client relationship, we are in contact working with Smoothwall every day and provide the following services:

  • Managed product evolution – We utilise our 21 years of industry experience to select components with solid supply and long-term stability. Then we optimise performance for Smoothwall’s specific software across an established set of five solutions of various sizes for the end client.
  • Systems are prebuilt and preconfigured and held in our warehouse ready for dispatch on a next day basis. This means delivery times are substantially reduced.
  • Beautiful Branding. We design bespoke chassis which are painted and fully branded.  We also create bespoke packaging which is fully Smoothwall branded. Our production manual ensures consistency and pacing. Delivery notes are also Smoothwall branded.
  • Smoothwall continue to handle first line customer support but in the rare case where a hardware failure is diagnosed then these can be escalated to Platform by Exacta. Where we will either repair remotely if possible or arrange replacement hardware immediately.
  • Orders are invoiced only on despatch and thereby cashflow for Smoothwall has significantly improved

Having faith in the hardware that carries their software has helped to ease Smoothwall’s evolution toward a Software as a Service model – meaning that three yearly renewals are more automatic and client retention is at an all-time high.


Don’t take our word for it. Read what our client thought.

Working with Platform by Exacta has transformed the way we do business for the better. We have massively improved our branding; shortened our lead times; reduced our hardware support calls; optimised our software performance; and transformed the whole experience for our end users. All of this at the same time as eliminating our inventory holding and greatly improving our cashflow. From the initial onboarding process to the weekly joint team calls the relationship with Platform has strengthened across the board. With worldwide supply and logistics in the state they have been, we have obviously encountered some challenges but this is where Exacta’s experience and expertise have proved to be extremely beneficial.

Mike Bridgett - Smoothwall

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