Our story

From a storage unit to a million-pound state of the art production facility

Who are we and what do we do?

Platform by Exacta is part of the Exacta Technologies Group. Exacta Technologies are world leading designers and manufacturers of fully customized and branded appliances, white-box servers, custom built desktop workstations and Fintech solutions.

Platform is the only complete end to end service offering, from consultation, design and build to logistics, road mapping and support. We understand that your brand is your differentiator, and we will work closely with you to design, build, and deliver a truly bespoke system purpose built to make your software sing.


Made in the UK

The Very Beginning...

Exacta Technologies was founded in 2001 by our CEO Nick Rogers, with a vision to become world-leading hardware tailors. We started at Bristol self-storage, then on to a farm at Swallows Lodge in June 2001. Then in 2006 we moved into The Sawmill at Ubley. The company operated from Ubley for 14 years, before relocating to Emersons Green Bristol where our home currently is.

We have always focused on creating products that were tailored to exact customer requirements. Exacta Technologies grew not by selling to thousands of customers, but by working in real partnerships with a select group of clients who remained with us for years.

Growing Exacta Technologies

Over the last three years, the Exacta Technologies Group has grown rapidly. We now have three sections of the group, Platform by Exacta, Blackcore Technologies & Proline by Exacta. In the last two years our team has doubled in size and last year we moved to a 20,000 sq. ft new state of the art production facility in Bristol.

Four years ago, we created a new collection of high-performance systems optimized specifically for the Fintech industry - the now renowned Blackcore by Exacta.

In 2020, we created high-performance workstation computers, custom built to handle the most complex workloads across any industry whilst still being sleek and quiet - Proline by Exacta.

Here we are in 2021 launching a new website for the longest running part of Exacta, Introducing Platform by Exacta.

New State of the Art Production facility

In March 2020 we outgrew our old premises in the picturesque Chew Valley, and in March 2020 we relocated to a brand-new purpose built 20,000 sq. ft state of the art production facility in Emersons Green Bristol. It was slightly melancholic to leave our old home behind, but the new building has not only massively expanded our capacity and capabilities but also invigorated our ever-growing team.

More space and a bigger team have also allowed Platform to become a fuller and enhanced end to end service, allowing us to deliver exactly what our clients require at a moment’s notice at the highest standard.

Where we are today

Platform by Exacta has seen a rebrand and a new website in 2021. This has always been the largest part of our company, yet we have never created a website or advertised it. Over the last year we have met with new clients and decided now is the time to create somewhere purpose built for our Platform customers.

As we continue to grow, we continue to be proud of our work ethic and appreciative of our dedicated team. We are honored to have several long-serving members in our company. Interestingly, many of our management team started their careers with us almost 20 years ago, working in manufacturing. Their knowledge of the business as well as their exceptional skills and experiences have shaped the values we have as a company, where everyone is given the opportunity to excel.

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